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Oil Filled Transformers operate large job applications

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Advantages of Oil Filled Transformers
Read about the benefits of using oil filled transformers and why they are more efficient when handling larger production requirements.

Oil Filled Transformer Applications

Information on the different types of job applications, and how they benefit from using oil filled transformers.

Oil Filled Transformer Features
Read about the many features that oil filled transformers provide to make operation of job applications more efficient.

Oil Filled Transformer Fluid
Resource on what kind of fluids are used for coolant and insulating factors in an oil filled transformer.

Maintenance of an Oil Filled Transformer
Listing of factors to consider for the care and longevity of an oil filled transformers.

Oil Filled Transformer Requirements
Explanation of code and installation requirements that meet facility standards for production and safety issues.

Selection of an Oil Filled Transformer
A brief summary of issues to consider when selecting an oil filled transformer that will meet your specific power needs.

Oil Filled and Other Types of Transformers
Read about the benefits of oil filled transformers in comparison to other types of transformers.

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Oil Filled Transformers

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Welcome to the Oil Filled Transformers Website

By now, you know that a transformer is an electrical device used to transfer alternating currents or voltage from one electrical circuit to another by using "electromagnetic induction."  But what is an oil filled transformer?

Oil filled transformers are transformers filled with a highly refined mineral oil that is used to insulate internal live parts of the transformer.  The oil prevents corona and manages temperature control inside the transformer for the prevention of equipment and machinery overheating during the operation of large job applications.  Because of the oil inside the transformer being of non-combustible properties, these transformers are very safe and can operate machinery for long periods of time.

The features of an oil filled transformer design should depend greatly on the job application type and its voltage power demands.   Since oil filled transformers are usually used for larger applications, it is best to work with a reputable manufacturer such as TEMCo Electric Company.  There are many voltage regulations and standards to consider, and TEMCo engineers have over 40 years of manufacturing experience.  They know what state-of-the-art technology best suits your electrical voltage issues, and because of their worldwide service to companies globally, TEMCo can design an oil filled transformer that will custom operate your specific equipment.  They offer wholesale pricing and long-term warranties.  Their name is highly regarded, and they stand behind all their electrical products with great pride and integrity.  Why make an expensive mistake when you have TEMCo oil filled transformers to implement all your electrical requirements?

Be sure to read all the webpage articles for an overview on oil filled and other types of transformers Remember, that working with TEMCo will save you great operating expense in the long run.  Their professional designs will eliminate error and save you from unnecessary operation costs.  

More Information on the Design of an Oil Filled Transformer

In the structure of an oil filled transformer, the inside cavity Fluid inside oil filled transformershas radiators, which circulate the liquid to promote cooling and insulation of the coils for a more efficient operation.  When larger, commercial equipment is needed, an oil filled transformer will greatly reduce energy costs and can run at 30 percent overload.  Many large facilities utilize this type of transformer and have found that production increases while operational costs decrease.

Other types of transformers, such as dry-type transformers have high sound levels, but oil filled transformers are much quieter due to the immersion of its mechanisms in liquid.  This results in less vibration as well.  Oil filled transformers require low maintenance and are quite environmentally friendly.  When designed to meet standard electrical regulations, they are very safe and will provide you with many years of dependable production.  Read the webpage on Oil Filled Transformer for a better idea of mandatory electrical codes and regulations.

Oil Filled Transformer Applications

In larger job applications such as utilizing pumping and welding equipment, high temperatures can be a problem from excessive power demands and long running operations.  Large institutions, buildings and industrial businesses depend greatly on oil filled transformers for a balanced voltage power load enabling operators to have the voltage power necessary to meet electrical responsibilities.  Power plants can't afford power shut downs, and depend greatly on these transformers for continuous power sources.  Thus, oil filled transformers were designed to give companies and industrial facilities efficient and dependable electrical voltage.  In today's economy, operation has to be done on a more profitable scale, and dependable power sources add greatly to lowing overall expense.

Ask right people!

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There are companies that can help you install your transformer. Sometimes you may have to put your tool up in third floor. It would be hard to carry such a heavy transformer up to that floor. Not even thinking some construction sites need them on 5th or 6th level. So much easier if you use crane. They can lift item of any size even on the roof of high buildings. Mobile crane can came at your place pick up package and place it anywhere you like. We always use companies that hire mobie crane because it makes our job seriously easy. Here is an address if you need one:

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Always Use an Experienced Manufacturer for Your Oil Filled Transformer Electrical System

Read all the articles in the Oil Filled Transformer website for information on how to achieve a more efficient power source.

When you are dealing with electrical energy, there are three main things to consider.  Safety, efficiency and cost.  We all want our electrical operators to have a safe facility to operate machinery, which is foremost in our list of important factors.  Secondly, we want efficient production and low energy costs.  This is why it is so important to use a professional manufacturer of oil filled transformers.  TEMCo Electric Company  is extremely knowledgeable in electrical design, and can ship products within a few days of placing an order.  You’ll love working with TEMCo.  Call them today for advice on an oil filled transformer. Their wholesale pricing can't be beat, and their products are known for high quality!


Be sure to read all the articles listed to the left and right of the pages for information and recommendations that will better help you in your selection of the best oil filled transformerRemember, TEMCo can answer any detailed questions you may have, so why not let the professionals do the work?


TEMCo is the Leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Oil Filled Transformers!

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Oil Filled Transformers

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TEMCo uses only the highest of quality materials and has long-term warranties.  Their excellent reputation is why they are the leading manufacturer of oil filled transformers.

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